How It Works

BingDesktop will automatic download a new homepage image from the Bing locations in every day, including detailed information about each image.

Occasionally, due to special events and for a short time, other regions also provide their own homepage images.

The new images may be viewed here 24 hours before they actually appear on the homepages of each Bing region.

Access to the homepage of each Bing region can be done like this: (where "xx" is the language code and "yy" the country code, being "xx-yy" the market code).

Currently 9 Bing regions are available on

  1. Germany (de-de)
  2. Australia (en-au)
  3. Canada (en-ca)
  4. United Kingdom (en-gb)
  5. India (en-in)
  6. United States (en-us)
  7. France (fr-fr)
  8. Japan (ja-jp)
  9. China (zh-cn)

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